Starting Strong this Summer - June 2018

We can honestly say, after this last month, that God is faithful and has equipped us for this season of life and raising support. As MTMR came to a close and we came back home, there was plenty to adjust to. We may not have gone to the field yet but I feel as though we are experiencing our first transition. When we left for MTMR we had to hand things over/pass things off in areas that we were leading in our local church. We felt as though we had to say goodbye. While in Springfield we were surrounded by a team and family of like minded missionaries going through the same training, struggles, and transitions. As we formed bonds and friendships we became increasingly excited and more prepared to move forward with life and ministry overseas. When the time came to come home we found ourselves having mixed emotions. We are excited to be back around our supporting family but God has set a peace in our hearts to keep moving forwards towards the greatness that God has planned for us.

We are so grateful to be a part of missions training with Assemblies of God. Everything from security training to renewal was such a blessing to us. Security training was all so out of my comfort zone, (participating in role play scenarios that represented potential real life threats), but I can honestly say that I feel more empowered and prepared because of the training. During missionary training, the classes made us so ready to challenge and change our Western view of the bible and gain new perspective and truth. We are excited to learn the culture and learn how to contextualize the gospel so that a never reached nation will hear the Word of God and know His love. Missionary renewal was a sweet time in which we were able to build relationships with veteran missionaries. We were able to glean a lot of wisdom from hearing their stories and watching their examples.

Everything from the trip comes back to the main theme that God increases our capacity to handle what life throws our way. Things in life don’t get easier, we just get better. We are so thankful to be in the learning process that is increasing our capacity to handle ministry on the field. We are growing stronger as a family and as individuals. Thank you for being part of the family that is supporting us in prayer as we move forward. We also, are praying for you as a church and individuals that God would continue to bless you and grow your capacity for the season that you are




The Serban Family